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KIMM 2005 Results

Note: The problem we had with missing finish times for some Day 2 finishers has been resolved. It was caused not by electronics failing (as had been assumed on the day), but by an error in setting two of the F2 controls, and one of the AB last controls on Sunday morning where we forgot to account for the 1 hour time shift caused by the clocks going back overnight (for interest, the time setting tag was last initialised at around 2am on Sunday morning and it seems that the clock on the setting computer had just rolled itself backwards without us noticing). This meant that the times recorded on some tags for AB and/or F2 were 1 hour earlier than the previous control (depending on which control was actually used) and because this would result in a negative split time, the time was erroneously marked as being in error. For those teams which used those controls, the times shown on your printouts would show the same time as the last 'good' time. Once we isolated what the problem was, we have been able to determine the correct times at AB and F2 in software by adding back the missing hour to the affected tags.

We have also sorted the unrelated problem at the Day 1 finish at the E/A/B/L camp where one F1 control reset itself. We have been able to work out at what time this occurred so have been able to correct the times on the tags which used that control.

Most other queries should now have been resolved - please contact Joe Lee with any discrepancies which may still exist.


Short Score - Handicap

Last updated: 20:00:20 Sunday 6 November 2005
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11757VetJohn Mursell & Les Hunt33425058411260644
21721VetGeoff Causey & Brian Cox26023049012490580
31626VetRay Collins & Jonathan Howell29023052010335555
41686VetArthur Boyt & Barry Olds25022047011875545
51836VetChris Buxton & David Turton2702405109720530
61674VetPatrick Murray & Kevin Riley24022046011360520
71715MixVetJulie Carter & John Byrne2602304909620510
81671VetJohn Kelly & John Oaks22020042012285505
91666VetMax Hintermann & Patrick Hilti2562304869210496
101821MixVetPaul Dodd & Joc (joyce) Dodd2702004709825495
111857VetRobert Tooze & Michael Cope24018042011465485
121804VetAshley Cooper & Steve Darling2502104609720480
121827VetPeter Leach & Benedict Bate24017041011770480
141707MixVetPeter Tayler & Hazel Tayler252220472905477
151778MixVetDave Watson & Claire Watson2502104609515475
161814MixVetJohn Vernon & Dil Vernon20223043210440472
171831VetRobert Heywood & Robert Salisbury21018039012180470
181694MixVetRobert Innes & Jane Cockerton2202104309620450
181711MixVetPaul Stephen Parker & Gale Kalsi24018042010130450
201627VetRod Smith & Melvyn Holloway21218039211155447
211701VetGraham Laurie & Andrey Starcevic24017041010235445
221874VetDavid Murray & John Hammond20616036611670436
231646FemVetJudith Jones & Bennell Sheila22018040010235435
231664FemVetP/CJill Manning & Caroline Dallimore20019039010645435
251768VetAlan Craft & Alan Fortune20015035012180430
251780FemVetSue Hands & Vicky Crawford19016035012180430
251817VetAndrew Railton & Tony Illston22016038010950430
281763VetBrian Fry & Ray Noke24015039010235425
281791VetSteve Marsh & Paul Shannahan220200420915425
281808VetAndrew Wellesley & Peter Martin250170420905425
311785VetChris Brown & Pat Lawless2041803849925409
321843VetBruce Kinnear & William Ion1962003969210406
331684VetKen Peart & Dennis Beard160130290135115405
331752VetDave Stevens & John Galling2401503909515405
331770VetPeter Cheung & Ian Twiselton2001803809825405
361696VetMartin Brown & Andrew Muston2301603909210400
361851VetRaymond Stone & Graham Stuart18018036010440400
381761VetColin Harding & Ian Hudson22013035010440390
391756VetPaul Stephens & David Lomas200180380905385
401702MixVetBob Cartwright & Rose Cartwright2101503609415375
411781VetPhil Baines & David Putley1801803609310370
421754FemVetHelena Burrows & Anne Darlington20812032810440368
431704VetColin McMurtry & Barry Breed16011027012695365
431777VetPatrick Lusardi & Brian May1809027012695365
431871VetRuss Liddell & Alex Mead15016031011055365
461738MixVetP/CRobert Hall & Katy Hall16015031010850360
471811VetStephen Hutchinson & Mick Foster18410028411565349
481645VetCarl Whitworth & David Willis190150340905345
491654VetDel Rees & John Owen15011026012180340
501605MixVetGeorge Brownhill & Anne Brownhill15011026011975335
511775VetStephen Collier & Peter Vojak1861303169415331
521800VetRoger Knight & Kevin Neal1901303209310330
531668MixVetHelen Goodall & Richard Gledhill1801303109515325
531852VetMervyn Bassett & Rorigh Ainslie1901103009825325
551630VetGreg Slater & Maurice Smith15014029010030320
561734VetAnthony Hatfield & Norman Widdall13010023012080310
561807VetDavid Meek & Tony Tombs14011025011260310
581714MixVetSteve Bulman & Ange Bulman16011027010335305
591736VetP/CBrian Palmer & Jeff Slater1441502949210304
601863MixVetSimon Willis & Liz Krol168110278905283
611723FemVetKirsty Staunton & Caroline Morris1201302509825275
621795VetNigel Stephenson & Graham Ellis5416021411260274
631642VetDavid Thomas & Steven Hill17890268905273
641801VetGed O ' Sullivan & Richard Strauch16080240905245
651667MixVetDavid Byrne & Catherine Gasquet1585020810235243
661681MixVetDavid Birtwistle & Jenny Birtwistle1261002269210236
671784MixVetRobert Murray & Debbie Murray1206018010440220
681676VetAndrew Gates & Michael Letheren321501829925207
691660MixVetJenny Walker & Andrew Leckenby88601489825173
701745VetIan Fletcher & Chris Riches-1810082941597
711673MixVetRaymond Willett & Helen Liddle-4106931016
721866VetDavid Morrow & Robert Graham Riminton-9610-86905-81
731700VetColin Godfrey & Graham Mackay-41240-3729515-357