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KIMM 2005 Results

Note: The problem we had with missing finish times for some Day 2 finishers has been resolved. It was caused not by electronics failing (as had been assumed on the day), but by an error in setting two of the F2 controls, and one of the AB last controls on Sunday morning where we forgot to account for the 1 hour time shift caused by the clocks going back overnight (for interest, the time setting tag was last initialised at around 2am on Sunday morning and it seems that the clock on the setting computer had just rolled itself backwards without us noticing). This meant that the times recorded on some tags for AB and/or F2 were 1 hour earlier than the previous control (depending on which control was actually used) and because this would result in a negative split time, the time was erroneously marked as being in error. For those teams which used those controls, the times shown on your printouts would show the same time as the last 'good' time. Once we isolated what the problem was, we have been able to determine the correct times at AB and F2 in software by adding back the missing hour to the affected tags.

We have also sorted the unrelated problem at the Day 1 finish at the E/A/B/L camp where one F1 control reset itself. We have been able to work out at what time this occurred so have been able to correct the times on the tags which used that control.

Most other queries should now have been resolved - please contact Joe Lee with any discrepancies which may still exist.


Medium Score - Handicap

Last updated: 20:00:20 Sunday 6 November 2005
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11500VetChris Lates & Raymond Wren30027057012490660
21571VetRob Parkinson & Rob Kohler3203106309925655
31356MixVetMalcolm Campbell & Liz Campbell31229060210850652
41345VetTrevor Dibben & Neil Wrigley3102906009415615
51355VetNigel Beasant & Chris Wilcox3002705709620590
61487VetBill Graham & Dave Bulley30425055410235589
71470VetAustin Farr & Rod Campbell28022050012180580
71477VetIan Jones & Kevin Dews3002605609620580
91520VetMike Hind & Mike Moss31421052411155579
101381VetNick Whittingham & Andy Plummer29025054010130570
101387VetRex Bleakman & Brian Denness30021051011260570
121376VetChris Hall & Robin Sloan28022050011565565
131473VetStewart Mackenzie & John Sayer28019847811670548
141362VetRoss Cattell & David Mitchell2802505309515545
141457FemVetKaren Taylor & Judith Wood300240540915545
141544VetColin Matheson & Charlie Fisher274266540905545
171357MixVetPeter Long & Caroline Relton2802505309210540
171541VetConrad Dickinson & Tim Wylie2702605309310540
191574VetDave Hargreaves & Ray Pickett30018048010950530
201458VetTony Ford & Jim Knight28019047010950520
211407VetBryan Penny & Stephen Barker26019045011465515
221524VetGeorge Crawford-Smith & Robert Knapp28017045011260510
221526VetRobert Nicholas & Trevor Willis2802104909620510
241386MixVetDamon Roberts & Flavia Roberts2802004809825505
251384VetHugh Mathieson & Roger Lyons23019042012180500
261464VetPhilippe Leloup & Jean-Louis Périssat2402404809515495
261575VetP/CPhilip Jones & David Jones2801904709925495
281323VetKeith Lunson & Andy McGregor2801904709415485
281555VetJon Coupland & John Lewis25017042011565485
281566VetKeith Montgomery & Philip Thompson24017041011975485
311338VetP/CRobert Primhak & Chris Day23022045010130480
321463VetDavid Sedgley & Mike Dennison26617043610440476
331446VetBeat Hintermann & Roland Breitenmoser28016044010335475
341341VetRoger Turner & Kevan Underhill26017843810335473
351581VetMike Parsons & Brian Layton21219040211770472
361562VetMartin Dinnage & Peter Dinnage2801704509720470
371461VetBrian Pilling & Gerard Pius Burns26015041010850460
381482VetDougal Darvill & Ian Fleming2381904289720448
391430VetMartin Knapp & Gregory Bates2601704309415445
401396FemVetFrances Watkins & Diane Leakey2601604209620440
401485VetSteve Astington & Malcolm Green24016040010440440
421377VetGraham Astley & Peter Farnell26014040010335435
431364VetGraham Hardy & Rob Walker25014039010335425
441495MixVetRobert Sneyd & Sarah Middleton22017039010030420
441551VetP/CRay Williams & Fred Yearsley20019039010030420
461316VetHenrk Van Rosslim & Chris Burden13221835011260410
461410VetP/CPaul Taylor & Anthony Lowe2401503909620410
481491VetPaul Keetley & John Heald20015035010950400
491527VetStephen Le Beau & Nigel Kilburn17617034610645391
501472MixVetDavid Yetton & Kate Small20016036010130390
511496VetP/CMick Liston & John Liston212160372905377
521346VetMichael Stewart & Calvin Crane2161403569620376
531311VetAnthony Harking & Graham Gibbs1701903609515375
531317VetDavid Adams & Chris Scaife17017034010335375
531380VetJulian Carr & Neil Midgely2608034010335375
531395VetIan Jackson & Hugh Willison2101403509925375
531443VetMaurice Davey & Don Mabbs21011032011155375
581438VetRob Partingham & Jeremy Wilde1721803529210362
591313VetMichael Waters & Richard Earl1701703409415355
601533VetPeter Forsey & John Delamere2101103209925345
611518VetAlan Sherliker & Phil Wallace2109030010235335
621460VetStephen Glasper & David Bunch1909028010540320
631559MixVetTom Esser & Kathryn Barker1809027010745315
641525FemVetHelen Rutter & Elizabeth Green13812025810850308
651401MixVetJohn Burton & Diane Burton14211025211155307
661565VetAdrian Kinton & John Smith1806024010540280
671409MixVetMaggie Beazley & Harvey Tim1686022810645273
681433VetGareth Evans & Henry Woodhall1081202289210238
691506VetMichael Gimblett & Richard Gimblett126100226905231
701332VetPhill Griffiths & Paul James6860128905133