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KIMM 2005 Results

Note: The problem we had with missing finish times for some Day 2 finishers has been resolved. It was caused not by electronics failing (as had been assumed on the day), but by an error in setting two of the F2 controls, and one of the AB last controls on Sunday morning where we forgot to account for the 1 hour time shift caused by the clocks going back overnight (for interest, the time setting tag was last initialised at around 2am on Sunday morning and it seems that the clock on the setting computer had just rolled itself backwards without us noticing). This meant that the times recorded on some tags for AB and/or F2 were 1 hour earlier than the previous control (depending on which control was actually used) and because this would result in a negative split time, the time was erroneously marked as being in error. For those teams which used those controls, the times shown on your printouts would show the same time as the last 'good' time. Once we isolated what the problem was, we have been able to determine the correct times at AB and F2 in software by adding back the missing hour to the affected tags.

We have also sorted the unrelated problem at the Day 1 finish at the E/A/B/L camp where one F1 control reset itself. We have been able to work out at what time this occurred so have been able to correct the times on the tags which used that control.

Most other queries should now have been resolved - please contact Joe Lee with any discrepancies which may still exist.


Class C - Handicap

Last updated: 20:00:20 Sunday 6 November 2005
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
posteamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalh/capagemin/hr
1706VetAlan Morris & Brian Morris07:08:3502:59:3810:08:1306:45:2912820
2611VetDei Huws & Jim Bennell05:47:0502:22:2408:09:2907:45:01943
3906VetNigel Priestley & Tosh Brannan05:46:1302:31:4708:18:0007:53:06953
4835MixVetAnne Jago & Mike Solomon07:19:3003:37:0710:56:3708:01:3212116
5862VetDavid Thompson & Keith Bell07:01:4003:05:0210:06:4208:05:2211212
6697VetRay Johnstone & Chris Johnstone06:46:1602:25:4009:11:5608:07:331037
7871VetMalcolm Ruckledge & John Bacon06:56:3003:10:1010:06:4008:15:2711011
8822VetGreg Manning & Chris Muton08:00:2203:41:4011:42:0208:34:5012016
9780VetMichael Henry & Trevor Went07:50:3303:39:3911:30:1209:00:4011413
10829MixVetLorna Masterton & Brian Cook06:31:2003:05:1009:36:3009:07:41943
11616VetDave Chapman & Boyd Wymer07:36:3102:56:4410:33:1509:19:231027
12602MixVetBob Liddell & Pat Liddell09:00:2903:34:1612:34:4509:26:0411815
13770VetJames McAlpin & Nigel Fosbraey07:49:0003:22:3211:11:3209:53:121037
14905VetPaul Hunt & John Kershaw07:08:5103:24:5810:33:4910:12:42922
15820VetNigel Robinson & Paddy O Neill07:08:4003:16:3510:25:1510:14:50901
16635VetPaul Morris & Ken Barton09:00:1604:03:4813:04:0410:27:1611212
17896MixVetLaraine Porter & Mark Rawlinson07:04:2503:39:1010:43:3510:32:52911
18738VetKevin Bray & Bob Sewell08:18:2103:05:4411:24:0510:38:29974
19622VetDavid Gilbert & Cledwyn Jones09:46:3805:49:0015:35:3810:54:5712418
20749MixVetPeter Clements & Sian Alberry09:46:5903:51:0613:38:0511:08:0711011
21642VetNorman Staples & Darren Graham07:56:5003:38:0611:34:5611:11:47932
22741VetJohn Smith & David Sweetlove07:45:3204:59:0212:44:3411:15:231027
23712VetMark Weaver & Neil McInnes08:32:0703:26:3011:58:3711:34:40922
24650VetStephen Oliver & Stephen Knowles09:06:5703:46:3712:53:3411:36:131006
25651VetJohn Flint & Vince Richards08:52:3203:40:2512:32:5711:55:19943
26636VetDavid Funnell & Richard Stubbins08:44:4403:50:3012:35:1412:10:04932
27723MixVetNick Richards & Denise Ellis08:27:1204:29:1312:56:2512:17:36953
28634VetMark Stone & John Stannard10:15:5004:47:2515:03:1514:33:09922