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KIMM 2005 Results

Note: The problem we had with missing finish times for some Day 2 finishers has been resolved. It was caused not by electronics failing (as had been assumed on the day), but by an error in setting two of the F2 controls, and one of the AB last controls on Sunday morning where we forgot to account for the 1 hour time shift caused by the clocks going back overnight (for interest, the time setting tag was last initialised at around 2am on Sunday morning and it seems that the clock on the setting computer had just rolled itself backwards without us noticing). This meant that the times recorded on some tags for AB and/or F2 were 1 hour earlier than the previous control (depending on which control was actually used) and because this would result in a negative split time, the time was erroneously marked as being in error. For those teams which used those controls, the times shown on your printouts would show the same time as the last 'good' time. Once we isolated what the problem was, we have been able to determine the correct times at AB and F2 in software by adding back the missing hour to the affected tags.

We have also sorted the unrelated problem at the Day 1 finish at the E/A/B/L camp where one F1 control reset itself. We have been able to work out at what time this occurred so have been able to correct the times on the tags which used that control.

Most other queries should now have been resolved - please contact Joe Lee with any discrepancies which may still exist.


Long Score - Handicap

Last updated: 20:00:20 Sunday 6 November 2005
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11169VetStephen Lumb & Christopher Lumb4304108409925865
21196VetRay Baines & Yiannis Tridimas44425870211770772
31220VetTom Westgate & Richard Hakes4203207409310750
41241VetAndy Hicks & Chris Ainsworth39031070010235735
51179VetDavid Howarth & Stephen Powell3823307129415727
61115VetPeter Gorvett & Phil Cox37029066010335695
71200VetPaul White & Paul Williams3103206309825655
81004VetAlan Williams & Ian Ankers28031059010335625
91198VetRichard Scottney & Mark Williams3302706009720620
101188VetTony Wagg & Phil Creasey27427054411975619
111060MixVetDave Moseley & Alison Shepherd25431056410645609
121260VetJohn Price & Michael Hetherton29025054011360600
131154VetAndy Robinson & Nigel Clemens3062805869310596
141125VetDave Marr & Roger Jay29425054410950594
151180VetJackie Pearson & Dave Fussell28625053611055591
161077MixVetBill Maxwell & Fiona Maxwell316260576915581
171073VetMaurice Musson & Guy Seaman21628049611055551
181247VetRobert Small & John Bagge290230520905525
191094VetTim Joynson & Andy Gibson2502505009515515
201079VetMichael McLoughlin & Peter Carter2402605009310510
201197VetStuart Ferguson & Michael Mallen2902004909620510
221075VetAndy Wilson & Malcolm Sizer18626044611055501
221236VetJohn Franklin & Neil Liston246250496915501
241144VetTrevor Smith & Dave Prentice18222040212285487
251045VetPhil Ward & Simon Nurse1902704609720480
261201VetSteve Hall & Pete Fenlon2202364569720476
271122VetWill Patterson & Al Kitchener20023043010540470
281031VetColin Spears & Michael Dugmore128230358133110468
291259MixVetAlan Brentnall & Alison Brentnall24016040011155455
301137VetDerek Fryer & Mike Readman17022039011155445
311112VetDave Parry & Grieg Turner23417040410130434
321102VetEric Winfield & Ian Cooksey16023039010335425
331030VetDavid Sayer & David Moisley13225038210235417
341150VetP/CStephen Leach & Allan Pollock17620037610540416
351163VetGoff Hill & Bert Park16222038210130412
361152VetJohn Smith & Martin Sherwen226180406905411
371234VetWilfred Bell & Andrew Monk19019038010130410
381199VetPeter Matthews & Dave Sheperd1901903809720400
391133VetPeter McLeod & Geoffrey Dimelow12221033210745377
401159VetMichael Aspray & Michael James1701903609515375
411080VetDavid Wolfendale & David Downes15818033810335373
421038VetDavid Hicks & John Crowshaw14616030611465371
431020VetBen Haywood Smith & Tim Elliott1421903329825357
441228MixVetDavid Fryer & Cherry Fryer12619031610335351
451209MixVetSarah Francis & Paul Nicholls114230344905349
461158VetIan Waude & Clive Roberts1501803309415345
471124VetJonathan Trezise & Mark Jackson164170334915339
481212VetMike Saul & Phil Martin1561703269210336
481235MixVetMike Goodyer & Maggie Beggs1361903269210336
501092VetBill Taylor & Alan Neilson562402969720316
511186VetStephen Coveney & Jerzy Matuszewski6420026410850314
521172VetTony Musson & Dougie Gray192110302915307
531214VetAlan Parry & Hywel Watkin821902729825297
541225VetColwyn Jones & Bill Shaw-1026025010745295
551054VetKen Caunter & Ian Dorling721902629310272
561219VetHaydn Leaker & David Peregrine5415020411565269
571239FemVetHilary Bondi & Jill Green1219020211565267
581147VetP/CDavid Adamson & Gregory Adamson48210258905263
591166FemVetJulia Duccan & Chris Jeffs106140246905251
601046MixVetRachael Gooch & Kevin Gooch-4220015810645203
611240VetMartyn Williams & Nigel Tansley41701749825199
621107VetDonald Anderson & Mark Stevens81701789415193
631081VetBrian Hall & Gerald Fleming447011411565179
641269VetJim Masson & David Methley2170172905177
651003VetGodfrey Metcalfe & Nick Millward1020301105585
661177VetPeter Thompson & Warren Danby-142140-2972018