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Joe specialises in developing real-time software for embedded instrumentation.

You can find his code in many popular and more specialized commercial products, ranging from miniature low cost temperature controllers, through mass-market digital TV control, up to million pound optical test equipment used in the quality control of everything from your local cinema projectors all the way up to testing head-up displays in the latest jet fighters.

The screenshot below shows data captured at Angstrom level.

It was fun in 2020 to find that the optical instruments being used in a French hospital to mend Joe's eyes was running bits of software he'd written himself many years previously.

To complement his software, he can also design and build hardware to individual requirements. Joe specialises in quick turnaround, low cost, bespoke hardware problem solving. His fastest solution took just 6 days from customer request to product installation, including hardware system design, software design, board manufacture, board population, software testing, and customer installation and training. Not surprisingly, that particular client came back asking for for more!

Joe also has experience of designing hardware and software products operating in hazardous environments requiring ATEX certification (ATEX is a contraction of the French 'ATmosphère EXplosible') - this is an EU directive regulating explosion protection, similar regulations apply worldwide. These special environments have very strict restrictions on what voltage levels are allowed to exist, what current capabilities are permissible, and very important design rules limiting how electronic inter-connections are made. Typically just one simple USB connector ordinarily costing a few euros could cost many 100s of euros in an ATEX environment - every single item in an ATEX system must be individually certified before installation and use.

System controllers can be written in any number of languages, including Assembler, Delphi, C, C++, C#, VB, Pascal and Fortran. Assembler experience includes 8051, H8, PIC, 6502, Z80, M680xx, ARM, and a range of other proprietary processors.

Internet enabled systems include Perl, Javascript, and PHP.

For those with really old legacy systems, Joe can even do work in Algol68, Coral66, and Modula2.



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