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As a complement to his sports results services, Joe supplies a range of event administration systems, most are bespoke programs written in Delphi, others are database applications written in Access, and all have internet facilities running MySQL databases.

These systems are tailored to individual events and provide organisers with all the facilities they need to record their entries, produce event information printouts, track competitors in Orienteering, and manage mailing lists.

Joe ran extensive administration services for the English Schools Athletics Association starting in 1984 (that was 13 years before the internet arrived). In those days data was posted from Counties on floppy disks. When the internet became more widespread in 1997, his services were gradually switched to operate online, with the result that eventually all the administration and results services for all ESAA athletics events in schools in England were operated entirely online via Joe's own website at In 2022, after all the event cancellations due to Covid, and subsequent event management changes within the ESAA, they decided to switch to a new method of working to concentrate on using social media facilities instead of dedicated websites.

From the birth of the internet, Joe also ran his own dedicated websites to enable event organisers to take entries and payments online. The system could very quickly be tailored to individual event requirements and proved to be a valuable resource for events to take charitable donations at the same time as event entries, at no extra cost.

Apart from many sports events across the UK and even in Dubai, a wide range of charities used Joe's online systems to manage their online entries and donations. Some of these operate in fields very close to his heart, such as CRUK at Christies Hospital, Mountain Rescue Organisations, and County Wildlife Trusts. 100% of all online donations were transferred to each charity without applying any payment processing charges.

Sadly, the Covid restrictions closed down nearly all this work because events were no longer possible. There was thus little or no income to cover the external costs of keeping the necessary merchant accounts and essential financial security systems operational.



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