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Whilst contracting to one of the World's leading design consultancies, Joe was involved in writing firmware for many different consumer electronic products.

His code can be found in DECT telephones, remote controls, digital set top boxes, televisions, mobile phones, and hundreds of millions of devices equipped with Bluetooth.

Written in C and assembler, using a variety of tool-sets appropriate to each CPU, this work was spread over a wide range of CPUs, including 68030, H8, ARM, and proprietory CPUs specifically designed for each application.

Sometimes, this required him to write vapourware - ie. code destined to run on CPUs which hadn't yet been fully designed or manufactured!

Joe's particular contribution to many of these projects was to write supporting tools for the other software engineers to enable them to test project modules without the full systems being available.

One tool, written in Delphi, which proved very popular enabled different system board SPI inter-connects to be simulated and soak-tested in isolation - it was even used to interconnect boards by phone link between England and Japan.



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