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Joe Lee provides an unusually wide range of software engineering and electronics services.

Years of experience as a Chartered Engineer contracting within different industry sectors means that he can offer skills ranging from Assembler coding for many different processors, medium to high level languages like Pascal, C, Fortran, VB, higher level languages like C++, Delphi, C#, right up to the very latest cross-platform RAD tools like Embarcadero XE.

If writing embedded software isn't quite enough, he also designs and builds electronic hardware for bespoke projects.

GUI development for process control and instrumentation are always very well received by his clients. Joe's creation and management of complex websites brings HTML, Javascript, Ajax, and CSS into his repertoire, and daily use of Access and MySQL databases rounds out a nicely balanced skill set.

The varied nature of all this work means that Joe is ideally placed to take on urgent contract work for any number of different industries, working either on or off-site.

You can find his software embedded in all sorts of things like household electronics, mobile phones, safety-critical industrial process controls, automotive systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, all the way up to head-up display systems in the latest fighter aircraft.

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Since 1981 Joe has supplied his computer services to thousands of sporting events including Athletics, Cross Country, Road Races, Triathlons, Mountain Biking, and Orienteering. Many National Championships in the UK and abroad were catered for to provide comprehensive administration, results, and internet facilities.

In 1997 Joe created, subsidised, and managed the ESAA website which provided all the administration and interactive results services online for every ESAA activity such as Athletics, Cross Country, Combined Events, and Award Schemes. These facilities were available to every school in England until 2022 when the ESAA switched to new suppliers to provide different ways of operating using shared social media platforms.

To complement his existing results services, Joe introduced his own online payment service in 2004 to enable sporting clubs and charitable organisations to accept and manage event entries online. This provided an easy way for organisations to take money and accept donations at a fraction of the cost of other service providers. At its peak it was handling over 500,000 for clients annually, but sadly Covid restrictions resulted in too much loss of income so this service had to be closed down.

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