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KIMM 2000 Results

Elite Class A Class B Class C Long Score Medium Score Short Score
Elite Class A Class B Class C Long Score Medium Score Short Score
Many teams did not punch at the pre-start security check point. This made checking that teams had actually started at the time shown in the program very time-consuming. Likewise, many teams did not seem to be aware that they had to punch at the finish line - this meant that their finish times were not recorded and has subsequently shown to have contributed significantly to the problems we had with the chasing start computations, because teams which should have been allowed were initially not showing up as finishing correctly.
The controller has allowed these teams to be recorded as finishing 30 seconds after the last control if the last control was punched. Next year, it really would help if you remember to punch at the start AND at the finish so that we don't have to spend so much time in post-event checking!
Known errors are listed below and will be corrected as soon as time permits
  • Where there is no recorded finish time on day 2, the END time may be shown as 11:00 instead of 00:00.
  • Where retirements have been made without going through the finish punch, the day 2 running time may be meaningless.

Global changes made by controller during and after the event are shown as separate rules below.
Rules applicable to any team are shown alongside each team
Rule numbers are not necessarily in consecutive order since some earlier decisions may have been revoked
All scoresControl BY: points increased from 10 to 30
Short scoreCertificates issued to those with 100 or more points
Medium scoreCertificates issued to those with 200 or more points
Long scoreCertificates issued to those with 250 or more points
All classesTeams not punching at the finish have finishtime=lastcontrol+30 seconds
Rule 1Class A: team 165 did original course not the bad weather course - allowed to stand
Rule 2Class B: team 574 produced the map so non-competitive team
Rule 3Short Score day 2: CR not working - 20 points allowed
Rule 4Long Score day 2: CR not working, 15pts allowed
Rule 5Medium Score day 2: CR not working, 15pts allowed
Rule 6Short Score day 2: CU allowed, 5pts allowed
Rule 7Long Score day 2: CU allowed, 5pts allowed
Rule 8Elite Team 26: one member retired at camp, other continued alone

Short Score - Handicap

Last updated: 17:57:52 Sunday 12 November 2000
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11716FemVetStella Lewsley & Susan Parkin2522244769310486
21702VetChristopher Stamp & Simon Cane19320840110235436
31651VetBill Vigar & Mike Crockett12045165129100265
41609VetBryan Smith & Lew Bean10610621210235247
51858MixVetJohn Vernon & Dilys Vernon1111062179415232
61663VetRobin Wilson & Rod Williams163502139415228
71838MixVetDerek McCord & Isabel McCord1135616910335204
81691VetGraham Laurie & Peter Duthie12562187915192
91787VetTim Donovan & Goff Hill143221659415180
101849MixVetAnne Jago & Chris Fry774211910745164
111692VetMichael Cope & Robert Tooze774512210440162
121602VetSimon Fleming & Paul Lee90401309825155
131647VetWilliam James & Robert James57451029825127
141706VetGeorge Wilks & Andy Tomlinson95-118410440124
151739VetJim Dominy & Guy Saxon5231839620103
161628VetJohn White & Jeremy Nasse75169190596
171607VetMartin Emm & Rod Smith98-3464921074
181668VetChris Brown & Pat Lawless72-106290567
191620VetAlexander Sharp & Derek Buckle-297344941559
201713VetJack Rutherford & David Murray-64741921051
211782VetAlan Hanley & Tony Hopkins27-1413921023
221766VetPeter Cross & John Wright33-35-2941513
231818VetAlan Craft & Alan Fortune-6419-451115510
241679VetPhil Wallace & Laurence Moore-132-1195154
251652VetDennis Beard & John Anderson32-128-9611770-26
261704VetBrian Jack & Stephen Barker-33-8-419210-31
271689MixVetHelen Kelsey & Steve Smith-36-11-47915-42
281642VetAlan Mullock & Norman Hall-8-108-11610540-76
291780VetNorman Staples & Ian Whitehead-93-35-12810745-83
301852VetColin Harding & Ian Hudson-52-50-1029415-87
311798MixVetPDavid Thomas & Susan Skinner-92-77-16910440-129
321641VetDel Rees & John Owen-93-91-18411155-129
331623MixVetPaul Connor & Judy Pike-113-38-151915-146
341632FemVetCathy Earle & Trisha Gilbert-74-126-20010850-150
351836VetPeter Wood & Ray Burgess-66-157-22310950-173
361699VetMichael Delauney & Michael Callus-143-96-2399515-224
371776FemVetVicky Crawford & Sue Hands-170-116-28611155-231
381873VetPaul Channing & Chris Hack-53-203-2569310-246
391816VetBryan Penny & Thomas Esser-197-99-29610850-246
401666VetJohn Gardiner & John Hinds-208-124-33210745-287
411695VetLen Thiel & James Tait-102-202-304905-299
421635VetBruce Lumsden & Dave Watson-232-168-40010235-365
431701MixVetEdward Long & Irene Elizabeth Long-139-305-44410130-414