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KIMM 2000 Results

Elite Class A Class B Class C Long Score Medium Score Short Score
Elite Class A Class B Class C Long Score Medium Score Short Score
Many teams did not punch at the pre-start security check point. This made checking that teams had actually started at the time shown in the program very time-consuming. Likewise, many teams did not seem to be aware that they had to punch at the finish line - this meant that their finish times were not recorded and has subsequently shown to have contributed significantly to the problems we had with the chasing start computations, because teams which should have been allowed were initially not showing up as finishing correctly.
The controller has allowed these teams to be recorded as finishing 30 seconds after the last control if the last control was punched. Next year, it really would help if you remember to punch at the start AND at the finish so that we don't have to spend so much time in post-event checking!
Known errors are listed below and will be corrected as soon as time permits
  • Where there is no recorded finish time on day 2, the END time may be shown as 11:00 instead of 00:00.
  • Where retirements have been made without going through the finish punch, the day 2 running time may be meaningless.

Global changes made by controller during and after the event are shown as separate rules below.
Rules applicable to any team are shown alongside each team
Rule numbers are not necessarily in consecutive order since some earlier decisions may have been revoked
All scoresControl BY: points increased from 10 to 30
Short scoreCertificates issued to those with 100 or more points
Medium scoreCertificates issued to those with 200 or more points
Long scoreCertificates issued to those with 250 or more points
All classesTeams not punching at the finish have finishtime=lastcontrol+30 seconds
Rule 1Class A: team 165 did original course not the bad weather course - allowed to stand
Rule 2Class B: team 574 produced the map so non-competitive team
Rule 3Short Score day 2: CR not working - 20 points allowed
Rule 4Long Score day 2: CR not working, 15pts allowed
Rule 5Medium Score day 2: CR not working, 15pts allowed
Rule 6Short Score day 2: CU allowed, 5pts allowed
Rule 7Long Score day 2: CU allowed, 5pts allowed
Rule 8Elite Team 26: one member retired at camp, other continued alone

Class C - Handicap

Last updated: 21:31:13 Saturday 11 November 2000
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
posteamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalh/capagemin/hr
1749VetAlan Morris & Brian Morris05:41:5904:15:4909:57:4807:28:2111815
2716VetStephen Jenkins & John Galling04:36:4003:40:0108:16:4108:08:25901
3828VetQnthony Newton & David Hargreaves05:58:5804:46:4010:45:3808:25:4511513
4825MixVetMoira Stewart & Alex Menarry05:39:2704:56:0410:35:3108:39:0111011
5759VetJonathan Howell & Lew Badger05:53:3704:12:5510:06:3208:55:471027
6817VetPhilip Green & Robert Dredge05:12:1704:08:1709:20:3409:01:53932
7723VetJohn Smith & David Sweetlove05:20:5904:03:5909:24:5809:06:09922
8880VetGeoff Newton & Dick Clark05:59:2005:15:2411:14:4409:22:1710810
9710VetGeoffrey Nicholls & Raymond Pickett05:53:4804:35:1910:29:0709:26:131006
10767MixVetAnn Dickinson & Peter Atkinson07:31:1904:47:5012:19:0909:26:4111714
11649VetChris Hall & Robin Sloan06:21:2204:33:1810:54:4009:27:231058
12628VetAlan Huyton & Philip Hopkins05:58:2904:40:4810:39:1709:35:221016
13783VetIan Holland & John Brown06:34:2304:29:4911:04:1209:46:431027
14669VetKees Geers & Dop Schoen06:04:0904:30:2610:34:3509:52:17964
15654MixVetRhona Frasor & Roger Robb06:28:3505:09:4911:38:2409:53:391079
16603VetFrank Galbraith & Eric Brown08:26:1206:57:2415:23:3610:00:2113021
17634VetMartin Potter & Peter Norman07:50:0205:13:0713:03:0910:00:2511614
18715MixVetChris Wales & Sue Eccles06:13:0804:43:5710:57:0510:13:17964
19608VetDavid Thompson & Keith Bell06:40:4004:58:1711:38:5710:17:251027
20668VetTrevor Went & Micheal Henry06:48:0605:05:4811:53:5410:18:431048
21728VetPeter Eric Baker & Alex Robertson06:55:5505:00:2111:56:1610:20:461058
22724VetDavid Fielding & Alan Todd06:25:1904:51:0311:16:2210:31:17964
23886VetRay Collins & Chris Cussen06:16:0704:55:0511:11:1210:37:39953
24898VetChristopher Kilfoyle & Philip Currie06:44:5804:55:2111:40:1910:41:58985
25616FemVetDiane Icke & Jayne Lord06:54:0105:20:2912:14:3010:48:491037
26650VetNigel Hill & Ray McArthur07:12:0404:43:4111:55:4511:08:02964
27711VetStephen Le Beau & Nigel Kilburn07:01:3604:56:5311:58:2911:10:36964
28664VetJohn Newby & Brian Hargreaves11:02:2807:45:3018:47:5811:16:4713624
29885VetGraham Hardy & Rob Walker06:18:3705:37:1711:55:5411:32:03932
30733VetBrian Wignall & Jonathan Steele07:12:3404:45:0911:57:4311:33:48932
31613VetJohn Morton & Harry Brooks07:18:4305:07:3712:26:2011:36:35974
32685VetGraham Harrison & Terry Burton07:42:1406:33:3214:15:4611:38:5311011
33612MixVetMichael Bogg & Marion Bogg06:48:5105:35:0712:23:5811:46:47943
34928FemVetGill Harrington & Ann Armistead06:50:5705:21:0612:12:0311:47:39922
35858VetBruce Cockburn & Gavin Clarke07:23:0905:36:5012:59:5912:08:00974
36875VetBarrie Windle & Anthony Caswell07:33:5105:27:1013:01:0112:08:57974
37718MixVetDavid Van Longthorn & Carol Mary Longthorn09:07:5805:38:2514:46:2312:18:4010910
38738VetRuss Liddell & Alex Mead08:26:2605:17:3113:43:5712:21:341006
39726VetMark Brierley & Mike Barron07:33:5105:23:0212:56:5312:31:00932
40721VetJim Reeve & Patrick Newman08:06:4506:58:0415:04:4913:04:111058
41879MixVetRichard Bartlett & Miranda Bartlett08:47:4706:00:0714:47:5414:18:19922
42746VetChristopher Mitchell & Steven Ashton09:24:0506:57:1816:21:2314:59:37985
43617VetTony Dewes & John Cox09:54:2805:27:1715:21:4515:06:24901
44652FemVetRos Leach & Kath Brieley08:58:5007:22:2816:21:1815:48:36922
45903MixVetAndrew Stavrinides & Helen B Stavrinides10:00:3207:37:0617:37:3816:09:30995