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KIMM 2000 Results

Elite Class A Class B Class C Long Score Medium Score Short Score
Elite Class A Class B Class C Long Score Medium Score Short Score
Many teams did not punch at the pre-start security check point. This made checking that teams had actually started at the time shown in the program very time-consuming. Likewise, many teams did not seem to be aware that they had to punch at the finish line - this meant that their finish times were not recorded and has subsequently shown to have contributed significantly to the problems we had with the chasing start computations, because teams which should have been allowed were initially not showing up as finishing correctly.
The controller has allowed these teams to be recorded as finishing 30 seconds after the last control if the last control was punched. Next year, it really would help if you remember to punch at the start AND at the finish so that we don't have to spend so much time in post-event checking!
Known errors are listed below and will be corrected as soon as time permits
  • Where there is no recorded finish time on day 2, the END time may be shown as 11:00 instead of 00:00.
  • Where retirements have been made without going through the finish punch, the day 2 running time may be meaningless.

Global changes made by controller during and after the event are shown as separate rules below.
Rules applicable to any team are shown alongside each team
Rule numbers are not necessarily in consecutive order since some earlier decisions may have been revoked
All scoresControl BY: points increased from 10 to 30
Short scoreCertificates issued to those with 100 or more points
Medium scoreCertificates issued to those with 200 or more points
Long scoreCertificates issued to those with 250 or more points
All classesTeams not punching at the finish have finishtime=lastcontrol+30 seconds
Rule 1Class A: team 165 did original course not the bad weather course - allowed to stand
Rule 2Class B: team 574 produced the map so non-competitive team
Rule 3Short Score day 2: CR not working - 20 points allowed
Rule 4Long Score day 2: CR not working, 15pts allowed
Rule 5Medium Score day 2: CR not working, 15pts allowed
Rule 6Short Score day 2: CU allowed, 5pts allowed
Rule 7Long Score day 2: CU allowed, 5pts allowed
Rule 8Elite Team 26: one member retired at camp, other continued alone

Long Score - Handicap

Last updated: 21:31:16 Saturday 11 November 2000
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11110VetChris Lates & Raymond Wren24027551511465580
21051VetIan Jones & David Lees3162255419825566
31013VetDick Mitchell & Simon Milligan290260550915555
41059VetWalter Wright & John Golton24022346312385548
51108VetRichard Clarke & Chris Woodall22523045511360515
61198VetTrevor Smith & Dave Prentice24020544511260505
71194VetYiannis Tridimas & Steve Cliff2152604759825500
81048VetJohn Walmsley & John Edward Taylor24021445410645499
91183VetPaul Frechette & Rod Sutcliffe24022546510030495
101120VetGeorge Crawford-Smith & Paul Taylor23021044010850490
111182VetBrian Cox & Les Swindin19122541611770486
121173MixVetPhil Cheek & Annette Morris21522544010645485
131141VetPPhil Green & Jeff Green235240475905480
141082VetDavid Downes & David Wolfendale2402254659310475
151168VetKeith Adams & Peter Baxter2402254659210475
161137VetColin Spears & John Norton22516539012285475
171202VetRob Bailey & Barry McDonald2352254609210470
181022VetDave Marr & Roger Jay2102354459925470
191042VetDerek Fryer & Mike Readman22521043510130465
201158VetAndy Howie & Wayne Harrison2381904289825453
211017MixVetKaty Thompson & George Thompson2351954309620450
221007VetMichael Hetherton & Colin Grime22516539010950440
231061MixVetPete Radford & Moira Radford21518840310130433
241074VetPeter McLeod & Mel Bale2221804029825427
251111MixVetPaul Jameson & Barbara Young1852103959515410
261043VetBrian Layton & Paul Eastwood181220401905406
271104VetJim Fulton & Chris Barber2301603909415405
281054FemVetUna Challis & Valerie Gill205193398905403
291003MixVetDavid Fryer & Cherry Fryer2251653909310400
301047VetAlan Kitchener & Will Patterson2051803859515400
311119VetNigel Worsey & Mike Rasdall2691103799515394
321174VetDave Parry & Trevor Longman1851953809310390
331045VetEifion Thomas & Huw Lewis2051703759210385
341032VetChris Farrell & John Thomson19812732511260385
351148VetPeter Morrell & David Turner2191403599825384
361214VetJohn Mursell & Leslie Hunt16718034710235382
371195VetIan Ankers & Alan Williams1652053709310380
381038VetSteve Astington & Malcolm Green2191453649415379
391069VetJohn Wilkins & Gordon Clark20513934410335379
401073VetGerald Fleming & Brian Hall20512933410540374
411060VetArthur Philp & Jim Drysdale2091263359925360
421139MixVetLaurie Morse & Ann Morse14915530411155359
431122VetPeter Summers & Nick Ford2121253379515352
441235VetJackie Pearson & John Bickerdike9121530610540346
451143VetPhil Ward & James Bold18510028511055340
461034MixVetRoyanne Wilding & Bill Quinton17013030010335335
471136VetDerek Rudeforth & Karl Geleff160170330915335
481188VetMac McCoig & Simon Probert2057027511055330
491039VetDavid Nicholls & Alastair Miller1301803109720330
501199VetEric Winfield & Ian Cooksey2051143199310329
511035VetJohn Littlewood & Alan Braddock116101217129100317
521226VetMichael Gamlen & Martyn Andrews187121308905313
531250VetPaul Sergent & Roger Butterfield6821027810235313
541077VetRobert Murray & Jerry Turk1851153009310310
551064VetPhilip Moorhouse & Mark Rogerson1801152959515310
561177VetDavid Sayer & David Moisley1451452909210300
571232VetJerzy Matuszewski & Stephen R Coveney1601152759825300
581169VetJerry Lawson & Ian Joslin189812709310280
591085VetDavid Garriock & Peter Knapton156952519925276
601213VetTony Stallabrass & Glenn Scoular1501092599210269
611004MixVetArthur Greenwood & Aalerie Greenwood180652459620265
621157MixVetPat Mee & Edwina Hill1606422410130254
631240VetMike Laurence & Colin Ardron170717711360237
641233VetRichard Tait & Rupert Booth90531439620163