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Important Copyright Information

in plain unambiguous English
If you don't agree to these terms, don't link to this site. Your site creating links to this site is taken as your legally binding agreement to these terms and conditions.

Spam emails and Phishing demands for payment

If anyone sends me an email, or a letter by post or via any other means, demanding payment the following terms apply:
  1. Joe Lee will only pay a person or business if he has a valid contract with the person or business demanding payment.
  2. A contract with anyone is only valid if the person or business can produce a copy of the contract with them. That contract must include Joe Lee's signature, date and time of signature, and location of where the document was signed.
  3. If a business changes name, or tries to reassign a previous contract to a different business, any contract between Joe Lee and the previous business entity remains unchanged unless the new business entity creates a new contract from Joe Lee as defined in point 1 above.
  4. If any person or business submits an invoice to Joe Lee which does not conform to the above three points the person sending the email or letter or other communication becomes personally liable to pay Joe Lee 10 times the value of the invoice they have sent.
  5. If the person sending any demand for payment works for a business, then the liability defined in point 4 above will be 50 times the value of the invoice they send.
  6. Nobody has any authority to change these terms except Joe Lee.
  7. These terms overwrite any terms which are or might be defined by any supplier to Joe Lee.
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