O_well Orienteering Results Analysis

Welcome to what is quite simply the best Orienteering result analysis program ever. This program has been designed and written by Joe Lee Computing specifically to analyse the results of the KIMM events, and operates on PCs running Windows 95 and above.
The program is copyright (October 2001) of Joe Lee but is made available free of charge subject to the following conditions:
  • You may not copy any of its features in any other program
  • You may not reverse engineer it or otherwise try to work out how it functions
  • You may not use it for any other event than the KIMM
Two views of results are available
  • Time analysis - this lets you compare relative times for up to 10 teams on the same graph. This is ideal for the Elite, A, B, and C classes where each team takes the same route
  • Route analysis - this lets you view the routes taken by teams, and compare relative times of up to 3 teams, between user selectable control points. This is best suited to score classes, although it works well for the others too
For the first time, a comprehensive analysis of score classes is now possible.
Understanding the graphs Graphs are plotted relative to any selected team. The plots are not a representation of absolute time at a control. The slope of each line is the important point - lines sloping upwards represent a loss of time relative to the reference team between those two controls, a downwards slope means that this team ran faster than the reference team...just how much faster or slower is represented by the time difference between the start of a line segment and the end.

You can use the cursor facility to measure time gaps - move the cursor to the point you want to start measuring from, click it to fix that point as a reference, then move the cursor anywhere else to see a measure of time differences.

Where intermediate times are not available because of failure of a control box, the time is set to the same time as the previous control - this is not an ideal fix but it is quick and easy for me to do.
How to download and install The program is supplied as a stand alone executable file. Simply download it to a directory of your choice, then double click the o_well.exe file to run it. It is best to download the data files into the same directory, but you can also choose which directory to use from within the program.
Download version 1.6 (20/10/02) now Version 1.6 has only minor cosmetic changes so if you already have v1.5 for KIMM2001 it will still work for KIMM2002 too so you don't need to download again.
Download o_well.exe program (481Kb)
Where are the data files? You need to download a data file for each class you wish to view. Find them on the KIMM results pages available from my results index page.
Feedback Your brief feedback would be appreciated, but since I am not making anything by supplying this program, I can not promise any bug fixes or enhancements within any particular time scale - I try to please, but I also need to earn a living too. I'm sure you can appreciate that I cannot deal with 1500 emails in the same week!

There are some features still to be included when time permits, so you don't need to email me with any of the following suggestions. Currently on my wish list are:
  • Search for a name within the team listings
  • Include total day running time in the listings
  • Plot lines in the order that you select them (lines are currently plotted in the order they appear in the list)
  • Add printing facilities